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Whistler Transit Advertising Pricing information

Pricing is for displaying one of your ads on each of the buses in the Whistler Transit Fleet. (30 buses total) Price does not include printing or design of your ad.

Interior Transit Cards: Size 11”inches x 22″ inches
1 year contract – $150 per month
1 Month Contract-$245 per month

We also offer larger ceiling ad space. These ads are attached to the ceiling and look down on riders, they stand out and catch riders attention. Ceiling ads 4’feet x5’feet and are stuck to the ceiling of each bus.

Price $300 per month/ 1 year contract
Interior Transit Cards Visual opening 9.5” x 20.5” Final size 11” x 22’
We can help design and  print your ITC (interior Transit Card) 11×22

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